8 Fan responses to The Alien TV sequence will ignore the Alien prequels and alter the Xenomorph origins!


PraetorianMember4227 XPJan-23-2024 10:37 AM

The xenomorph has at all times been an engineered organism, Hawley is a dumb ass


XenomorphMember1322 XPJan-23-2024 1:08 PM


Yeah, I am glad that is solely a TV sequence, not a film.

The Xeno is an engineered disfigurement of a human. I do not look forward to finding humanoid shapes in deep house. That may be extra astonishing than the monster.


EngineerAdmin23112 XPJan-24-2024 1:31 PM

The Xenomorph to me, at all times represented the corruption of life and Godly creations, the way in which it entered a number, ate them alive from the within till it gained sufficient energy to burst its method from inside, leaving a dull corpse behind and the host “reborn” as this bodily embodiment of some demon-like corrupted organism, like a manifestation of evil in bodily type.

I believed Prometheus did the best factor, making us assume the Engineers had been finding out the Xenomorph and its properties to reverse engineer its skills right into a bioweapon. Covenant alluded extra to the idea that the Xenomorph was created as a bioweapon which I additionally do not like the thought of.

There’s SO a lot they’ll do with the Alien origins, a part of its thriller resides in its unknowns, very like the Area Jockey and its crashed ship. I hope they take the Alien again to this unknown factor however do not make it some primitive organism found in deep house. I a lot want the deeper ideas surrounding its creation, evolution and objective.

Darkish Nebula

XenomorphWorkers1214 XPJan-24-2024 2:00 PM

If Noah was referring to the “David created the Xenomorphs” assertion, that was debunked in Alien the roleplaying sport the place it said that David created his personal Xenomorph variant in an try to recreate the right organism, and the Xenomorphs existed way back.

The best way I see it, Xenomorph-like organisms like Neomorphs or Deacons are naturally occurring organisms that existed for billions of years, and the basic biomechanical Xenomorphs are weaponized, improved variations by Engineers. 


XenomorphMember1322 XPJan-24-2024 2:13 PM

Yeah, good Chris. That works for me!

We might at all times ask: Did the Engineers create the black goo or did they discover it on their travels? Perhaps they’re brainless morons and are simply being boosted with discovered alien tech.

If we ‘humanize’ the Engineers and produce them right down to our stage ( not such Godlike stature ), that will work higher…..They concern the start of the Xenomorph and the ‘previous ones’ as a lot as we do. 

The place’s BigDave? He’s good at these deep dives.


NeomorphMember1691 XPJan-25-2024 1:31 AM

Sure please! F that android made the Xeno factor. I would really like it to be older, and perhaps achieved by the SJ or one thing that the SJ discovered and developed. If they may kick out what the prequels established concerning the Xeno, the higher.

“… it does sadly derail the canonical efforts Ridley Scott made along with his prequel movies which by no means bought to correctly culminate. “

These weren’t very nicely executed anyway, they’ll do higher.


FacehuggerMember401 XPJan-25-2024 9:10 AM

I’m shopping for the retro factor. Alien universe nonetheless has a lot to discover with no need the futuristic know-how as in Prometheus and Covenant. Alien Isolation is an effective instance. However I do hope they follow the official timeline. I nonetheless need the television present connects with Ripley universe, even remotely. 


PraetorianMember4227 XPJan-25-2024 10:01 AM

Nonetheless Scott mentioned earlier than making prometheus that the xenomorphs had been bioweapons however I’ll settle for that the Neomorphs are a pure occurring organism in the event that they weren’t already merchandise of the black goo, perhaps in the event that they had gone down the Beluga-Xenomorph route? Because the Beluga -Xenomorph WAS the pure type of the xenomorph, earlier than being changed by the semi-weaponized neomorph.

Additionally why cannot the Engineers invented the black goo? There is no such thing as a canonical proof that means the Engineers did not invent it, i imply that will be like saying People did not invent the automobile we merely discovered them left over from the dinosaurs. I simply realized that is a copy-paste of the age previous query concerning the xenomorph eggs.

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