Warning: spoilers forward for the Titans sequence finale.

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The Titans sequence finale ends HBO Max’s unconventional superhero TV present in a hail of blood and hearth, and leaves loads of room for evaluation and debate when the embers settle. A lot has modified since Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson first burst onto screens spouting Titans‘ controversial mission assertion of “f**ok Batman.” Weathering combined essential response and fixed studio upheaval, Titans has completed admirably to succeed in the season 4 milestone, however with James Gunn and Peter Safran reshaping DC’s onscreen output, the writing was on the wall. Titans season 4’s finale, appropriately titled “Titans Ceaselessly,” serves because the present’s total conclusion.

The Titans sequence finale largely considerations itself with one remaining battle between Dick Grayson’s titular group and a final-form Brother Blood, who decides that, since his beloved online game was ruined, Earth and Tamaran should each be destroyed. A remaining confrontation takes place at STAR Labs, earlier than a wrap-up montage brings the Titans sequence finale to its shut. Whereas “Titans Ceaselessly” is much from an ambiguous piece of superhero storytelling, it does go away quite a few factors unresolved or open to interpretation, both by design, or as a result of the packed episode merely runs out of street.

Why The Titans Resolve To Kill Brother Blood

Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood Sebastian in Titans season 4

For the reason that very starting, Dick Grayson’s Titans have walked a skinny ethical line, and the Titans sequence finale emphasizes this by way of Conner, who’s reassured that doing fallacious issues for the precise causes doesn’t make him a DC supervillain. This ethical dilemma units up the ultimate moments of Titans, which see Starfire fly into the evening sky whereas dragging Brother Blood by his collar like a naughty youngster, then detonating in a hail of blue flame. Though Titans attributes this choice to the sensible necessity of averting Brother Blood probably launching a comeback, there’s a deeper which means.

When Titans started, Starfire’s story was wrapped round a Tamaranian prophecy that concerned defeating the kid of Trigon. Kory has spent 4 seasons making an attempt to keep away from and escape this future, and even spurned the chance to kill Sebastian earlier in Titans season 4 – a choice she got here to remorse as soon as Brother Blood reworked right into a bona fide menace. Starfire’s insistence on killing Brother Blood in Titans‘ remaining episode is much less about guaranteeing he can by no means return, and extra about fulfilling her future and finishing the mission bestowed upon her by the oldsters of Tamaran. Titans gives the look that ending this chapter is the one means Starfire can start a recent one.

Whether or not Brother Blood is definitely useless stays unconfirmed. The Titans sequence finale by no means really exhibits Sebastian’s face melting like delicate cheese within the solar, and the villain has survived loads of different near-death conditions, which means a comeback just isn’t utterly dominated out. Since Titans season 5 is not taking place, nonetheless, it appears secure to imagine that the intention behind Titans‘ remaining battle is to determine Brother Blood as completely defeated.

How Starfire Survived The Titans Sequence Finale

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson Nightwing crying in Titans season 4 ending

Though a devastated group of Titans are initially left to imagine nothing might probably survive Starfire’s sacrificial maneuver, their perfectly-coiffed alien good friend gently floats right down to Earth instantly after turning Brother Blood into black pudding. The Titans season finale glosses over precisely how Starfire survives, however does supply a number of necessary clues. The largest signpost is that the colour of Starfire’s powers switches from blue to the traditional orange following the explosion. This implies Kory burned by way of her uncommon blue hearth powers to kill Brother Blood, then by some means reverted to plain Tamaranian skills.

The seeds of this concept have been sown when Dick and Kory visited an extraterrestrial skilled earlier in Titans season 4. This UFO fanatic learn Starfire’s prophecy and said, “It would finish you… you as you are actually.” Moreover, when Starfire spoke to her Tamaranian mentor Zadira, it was talked about that Dick Grayson held simply as a lot significance to Kory’s future as killing Brother Blood. These particulars suggest that Starfire was by no means really destined to die within the strategy of defeating Trigon and his spawn, however would merely endure a metamorphosis.

Superboy’s Resurrection & Purple Kryptonite Defined

Joshua Orpin as Conner Superboy dead in Titans

Killing Brother Blood wouldn’t have been potential with out the well timed intervention of a revived Superboy, who wades into the battle simply in time to lend a decisive hand. As with Starfire’s survival, nonetheless, Titans avoids offering a transparent rationalization for Conner’s resurrection after he technically died by the hands of Brother Blood through the penultimate episode. Dick gives a quick expository line about STAR Labs cooking up a drug able to stabilizing Superman, however the serum proves ineffectual till halfway by way of the Titans sequence finale. Thankfully, Dick additionally mentions the concoction makes use of Purple Kryptonite, permitting DC lore to shed some gentle upon Conner’s revival.

In DC comedian books and different Superman tales, Purple Kryptonite has random results on the person, usually remodeling Superman’s physique and/or character in strange methods. Titans both posits that combining the unpredictability of Purple Kryptonite with particular chemical substances can convey a deceased Kryptonian again to life, or the Purple Kryptonite is merely used to pierce by way of Conner’s pores and skin, permitting common medicine to be administered. Provided that Dick’s Kryptonite mud stunt in Titans season 3 already proved the conventional selection might weaken Superboy, Titans particularly utilizing Purple Kryptonite implies the previous is true.

In the meantime, the handy timing of the drug’s results will be defined by Superboy’s heritage. This get-out-of-jail-free card was designed particularly for Superman, whereas Superboy is an artificial creation with combined DNA. This distinction probably accounts for why the drug takes so lengthy to kick into motion.

Did Brother Blood Actually Kill Trigon?

Trigon return in Titans season 4 finale

Whereas Brother Blood can certainly be presumed useless after the Titans sequence finale, Trigon’s destiny is barely extra ambiguous. Following quite a few moments of foreshadowing all through season 4, Trigon lastly returns onscreen for the primary time because the heavily-changed Titans season 1 finale turned season 2’s premiere. Sadly for followers of DC’s demon dad, Brother Blood instantly absorbs him. Since Trigon is a semi-mythical, interdimensional being who was already defeated as soon as earlier than by Raven, nonetheless, it’s tough to say with certainty whether or not his demise is everlasting.

Though not said explicitly, it may be assumed that Trigon is correctly useless as soon as Titans ends. When Raven fought her problematic father or mother again in Titans season 2, she banished Trigon away from Earth. Brother Blood in Titans season 4 rips Trigon’s coronary heart out and drinks the blood – a much more conclusive ending for the villain. Given Trigon’s immense energy, a resurrection could have been potential as long as Sebastian lived, however Starfire places paid to that concept, seemingly guaranteeing that the Titans’ ongoing Trigon drawback is solved as soon as and for all.

Superman’s Boots – Main DC Cameo Defined

Superman's boots in Titans finale

Superboy’s introduction in Titans season 2 appeared to make a Superman cameo inevitable, with Conner’s story revolving round his two absent fathers. Titans season 4 additional teased a Superman look by way of each the statue outdoors STAR labs and Bernard’s hologram of the enduring hero flying throughout the galaxy as a crimson and blue streak. Titans‘ sequence finale goes one step additional – actually. The closing wrap-up montage of “Titans Ceaselessly” features a scene the place Conner receives flying classes from his surviving organic father. Clearly supposed as a flashforward happening throughout some unspecified level sooner or later, this pair of crimson boots are all Titans exhibits of its Superman.

Extra necessary than the cameo from Kal-El’s boots is the state of Superboy’s hair. When Conner debuted in Titans, his look and perspective have been modeled after Superman, however shaving his head in Titans season 4 represented the emergence of his Lex Luthor half. The Titans sequence finale’s Superman flashforward reveals Conner regrows his hair, symbolizing a reversion again to his standard self. Realizing how spectacularly he tousled with Brother Blood absolutely performed a task on this change of perspective, however the Purple Kryptonite used to revive Superboy could have additionally been a consider coaxing again his former character, because the substance historically provides Clark Kent temper swings in DC tales.

What Occurs Subsequent With Beast Boy & The Purple

Beast Boy Gar Logan Titans Season 4

Maybe probably the most mysterious side of Titans‘ ending comes from Beast Boy and his connection to the Purple. Following a visit by way of the multiverse and an encounter with Freedom Beast, Gar was implored to depart the Titans behind and reply his true calling because the guardian and protector of the Purple. Though he declined that invitation in favor of serving to out in opposition to Brother Blood, Gar in the end decides to observe his future in Titans‘ sequence finale.

Titans is intentionally unclear concerning what awaits Beast Boy contained in the Purple – and even Gar himself is uncertain of his objective and path going ahead. Nonetheless, the bone-covered tree and animal cries Beast Boy hears contained in the Purple – to not point out his tour with Freedom Beast a number of episodes prior – trace that Gar will develop into a multi-dimensional protector of all life. The bone-covered tree may additionally secretly verify that Gar’s subsequent position can be because the Purple’s champion in opposition to the Black – a drive constructed on demise moderately than life. Beast Boy could must face the villainous Parliament of Decay in an effort to shield the Purple in opposition to its rotting counterpart.

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Does Dick & Kory’s Baby Imaginative and prescient Come True After Titans Ends?

Titans Dick Grayson Vision Daughter Starfire

The Titans sequence finale leaves completely zero doubt that Dick Grayson and Starfire are collectively when the story ends, however does not go as far as to indicate a flashforward of their household life. This raises the query of whether or not Dick and Kory’s imaginative and prescient of their future youngster comes true. Regardless of not giving a agency reply, Titans does strongly sign that the lady with the crimson balloon finally turns into greater than only a dream. Throughout the remaining moments of Titans‘ ending, a loved-up DickKory walks previous a toddler holding a crimson balloon – a refined allusion to their future youngster. Shifting rapidly, Dick broaches the topic of beginning a household, all however confirming what awaits for Titans‘ star couple.

This mysterious youngster is sort of definitely Mar’i Grayson from DC comedian lore – recognized by the highly-original superhero moniker Nightstar. Though Titans can by no means depict Nightstar following her dad and mom into the superhero enterprise, Trigon’s prediction in regards to the union between Earth and Tamaran means Dick and Kory’s youngster will undoubtedly be a significant part of Titans‘ Earth in future years. Given Dick’s evident enthusiasm, it would even be potential that Mar’i is conceived instantly after the Titans sequence finale.

Raven & Robin’s Completely satisfied Endings Trace At The Titans’ Future

Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake Robin in Titans season 4 finale

The Titans keep away from an official breakup, however the misleadingly-titled “Titans Ceaselessly” makes clear that the group is now not a full-time unit, with Beast Boy skulking off to the Purple, Nightwing and Starfire planning a household, and Raven heading to varsity. Though Tim Drake commits to being a full-time vigilante, dividing his time between combating crime in Gotham Metropolis and romancing Bernard in Metropolis leaves little room for Titans exercise. Regardless, Raven and Robin’s joyful endings do probably reveal what the Titans group dynamic will seem like after season 4.

Most significantly, Raven can be attending college in Bludhaven. In DC comedian lore, that is the place Dick Grayson relocates after turning into Nightwing and leaving Gotham, so if the Titans universe follows DC historical past, it might be fully believable for Dick and Kory to quiet down within the city Rachel goes to varsity, permitting the trio to stay shut. In the meantime, Tim Drake’s intention to guard Gotham – in a rain-soaked superhero touchdown that intentionally mimics Titans episode 1 – might imply he turns into Batman’s crime-fighting accomplice. The Gotham sequence in Titans‘ penultimate episode confirmed an energetic Bat-signal, implying Bruce had dusted off the cape and cowl. With a brand new Robin on the streets, a partnership seems to be inevitable.

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The place Are The Lacking Titans Sequence Finale Characters?

Curran Walters as Jason Todd Red Hood in Titans season 4

A evident omission from the Titans sequence finale is the glut of main characters unseen and unmentioned through the remaining battle. In a scenario the place Brother Blood is seconds away from destroying the Earth, a suspicious quantity of heroes take the time without work. Strangest of all of the absentees is Curran Walters’ Jason Todd, who really returned within the penultimate episode to beat some Robinisms into Tim Drake. Titans confirmed Jason Todd to be working with Barbara Gordon – and, by extension, ARGUS and Donna Troy – to trace down Shimmer. Why these heroes could not swap their consideration to the extra urgent issues at STAR Labs will perpetually stay a Titans thriller.

Additionally nowhere to be seen are Bruce Wayne, Dove and Rose, all of whom have been final seen or talked about in Titans season 3. Jinx can be ignored, leaving audiences to imagine she by some means, someday, got here again to life – as teased throughout her remaining look. Given the enormity of the risk Brother Blood posed, it feels odd that Dick Grayson did not comb by way of his in depth contacts record and make some calls. Anticipating Alan Ritchson to tug up blasting “Livin’ On A Prayer” could have been an excessive amount of, nevertheless it additionally appears unusual that Titans options no returning faces to afford the finale extra of a celebratory really feel.

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How The Titans Can Return In Future DC Initiatives

Beast Boy Starfire Nightwing Robin and Raven in Titans season 4

Titans season 5 just isn’t taking place, and with James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU representing a clear slate for DC media, that appears unlikely to alter. Having mentioned that, the Titans door is left very a lot ajar by DC’s interconnected film and TV multiverse. The Arrowverse already established how each DC franchise is linked, and Titans joined the celebration with season 4’s Beast Boy solo episode, which featured cameos from quite a lot of universes, together with the DCEU. With 2023’s The Flash film set to retcon the DCEU into the DCU, Titans is formally linked to no matter comes subsequent for DC Studios.

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This mechanic permits any Titans character to seem in any future DCU venture through the multiverse, and likewise implies that the likes of Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter might play their counterparts in an alternate universe. Whereas potential, such a crossover nonetheless seems to be desperately unlikely, with the DCU already stripping away a lot greater stars comparable to Henry Cavill, Dwayne Johnson and Grant Gustin within the identify of creating a recent begin. Nonetheless, even when Titans is over perpetually, this specific group of characters and their respective actors will all the time be Titans perpetually.

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